What does coronavirus (COVID-19) mean for Zambia In Style? We want to detail below what we are doing to help you with current or future travel.

As of yet we have no confirmed cases in Malawi but we are taking precautions. Many of the staff already work from home and we may increase that should the virus arrive here. We are very used to working remotely in the sales and reservations team and have worked well communicating together. So business is normal!

The team have been in touch with all our agents and clients regarding travel within the next 3 months and are moving trips as we speak. As we say in Africa, ‘we will make a plan’ and we don’t stick to strict time keeping in Africa so delays for us are best!

There is so much information out there that it can be confusing so we are taking the time to reach out to our clients and agents one by one to help navigate their trips and discuss their options. We want to help you still get here at a safe and convenient time. Most of the lodges and airlines have been FANTASTIC at helping us re-arrange trips FOC but this information is taking a while to compile and consistently changes depending on the scenario. So we won’t be releasing a blanket statement.

For now there is a list of countries that require a 14-day quarantine before they can travel within Malawi. Sadly this cannot be in a lodge or we would suggest extending the trip and must be done within a private house so for those clients we have postponed the trip for now until the ban is lifted.

We are taking this very seriously but we do want to remain positive and we know at some stage this will pass. Whilst we have some ‘free time’ we will look into creating some great content for you, uploading onto the websites and onto social not to sell but rather to use as tools for the future. For those looking for some ‘wanderlust’ or escapism and potentially something to look forward to, we do urge you let’s get something in for 2021. Isolate now then soothe the soul with a trip to Africa at a later date, now more than ever let’s use travel agents to help you navigate this difficult time.

For our agents we are happy to use this time to chat through Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and beyond and help you create content so that when we get through this we are ready to bring your clients to this special area of the world and make their dreams a reality.

It is important to look to the future therefore to encourage people to remain positive we will be offering great rates for late 2020 and early 2021 so if you want to discuss your next trip now and keep clients looking forward to their future adventures, please get in touch.

Please note while our staff work at home during this period it might be best to WhatsApp them to let them know you have an enquiry as well as the normal channels. We understand the need to be with family at this time so we are working more flexible hours however there will always be someone at hand to answer your emails or questions.

Stay safe and spread the love, we are in this together.

Chloe and the team

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How you can help Malawi!

We have started the campaign #Photos4Africa, where we have created content to showcase what a beautiful nation this is. From our majestic animals, awe-inspiring landscapes or happy, friendly people, we are offering this content to you for in return for donations.

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