Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Recommended Accommodations

A stunning desert that stretches across 6 countries, the landscape is most beautiful in Botswana. Wild and unruly habitat, it’s the last refuge of the San Bushmen and one of the most ‘remote’ of safari destinations. Here there is a mix of sand dunes, salt pans, and water pans, and the desert is surprisingly well-vegetated leading to high levels of game.

It has the 2nd largest animal migration in Africa, with Zebra and antelope crossing in summer, the large open expanses create an ideal habitat for cheetah. The wide-open spaces, solitude, and silence are a great place to reflect on your safari time as well as see the unique desert-adapted animals. Combined with the unique experience of learning about the bushmen it is truly a wonderful place to visit where you will feel you have been taken back in time.

Dinaka Camp

Located in a 20,000-hectare private conservancy on the northern boundary of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, the desert landscape is home to abundant animal and bird life.