PEMBA ISLAND Recommended accommodations

A tropical oasis with pristine beaches at the top of Zanzibar’s Archipelago, an undiscovered paradise there are a mix of sandy white beaches, clove plantations and rice fields. Unlike Zanzibar there are but a few developed lodges and so it offers a far more authentic Swahili Coast experience creating the perfect barefoot getaway off the beaten path. Known for its excellent diving the Pemba Channel with its drop offs has many untouched coral reefs and colourful marine life to match. 

Avani Pemba Beach Lodge

Situated on the northern shores of the Mozambique coastline sits Pemba Beach Lodge. There are 168 rooms, beautiful gardens to enjoy and wander through, beach views and a few activities to enjoy too.

Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort

You have arrived in paradise…situated in a unique location on an unspoilt and pristine beach in Pemba sits the gorgeous Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort.