Where to stay Quirimbas

The Quirimbas Islands is a beautiful collection of remote unspoilt islands in northern Mozambique. Isolated for years from tourism it is a perfect choice for divers, or those that want to discover unexplored faraway lands! With a chain of 32 coral islands that stretch 400m along the coastline it is one of the most remote and untouched areas of Africa with just a few fishing communities having inhabited them this is the perfect place to escape modern life.  

Just a few of the islands have been developed on with small exclusive lodges so eco tourism here is at its finest. The pure clean white sandy beaches lead into the crystal clear turquoise waters which are full of  a variety of marine life perfect for the keen diver or snorkeler.

Anantara Medjumbe

Located on Medjumbe Island, a small private island in the Quirimbas Archipelago sits the gorgeous Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort.

Ibo Island

Situated on a small island in the Quirimbas Archipelago, in the northern part of Mozambique sits the gorgeous Ibo Island Lodge.

Azura Quilalea

Situated on a private island, Azura Quilalea is a hidden gem and gives off a Robinson Crusoe feel and style. It is a gorgeous getaway, away from the busy outside world and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

Situ Island Resort

At Situ Island resort you can disappear from the outside world and enjoy a remote getaway where you can relax, unwind and relish in the beauty that surrounds you.