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3 kilometres of dirt road (not a bother for someone like me but for those who aren’t used to it, it’s not so nice), not the most comfortable of rides, but what awaits you on the other side is well worth it. Set on a whopping 32 hectares of tropical gardens this has to be one of the biggest resorts I visited on the Island. It has 66 beautifully designed luxury villas, each complete with a very generous living room, bedroom and an enormous bathroom. As if that’s not enough, the bathtub is huge and they also provide you with an indoor and outdoor shower (the outdoor shower only has refreshing cold water). It’s a perfect blend of modern and traditional Zanzibari-Arabic style. It makes for a stunningly picturesque piece of the Island, so it should also come as no surprise when you when you wake up to an amazing view of the gardens. Additionally, they make a tremendous effort to give their guests that exclusive experience by providing a spectacular private pool in each villa. So if you want to bask in the lap of luxury for a little bit, this is the place for you.

Fast Facts


South of Zanzibar – Kizimkazi


66 luxury villas

Avg. room price
Great for

Pampering and absolute Luxury also a great place for a having private getaways, rooms spacious and private pools at every villa

Children welcome



All Year

Ideal length of stay

3 to 4 nights





Lodge Key Features

Private Pools

The pools in each villa are 9 x 4 meters and 1.2-meters deep, which means whether you want to take a dip or try do some laps, you can do it in the privacy of your own garden especially when the ocean is at low tide. The privacy of this feature was a huge plus as it got quite warm during the day, so I would go and frolic about in the pool for a little bit and head back into the villa to carry on working. In the evening, I watched the stars from the pool. It was breathtaking.

I hope you can ride a bike 😊

Being set on 32 hectares of gardens you can imagine getting around on foot wouldn’t be the easiest of tasks. You would be wiped out by the time you get to your destination! This is where this little (not really) piece of paradise continued to amaze me. Each room has a set of bicycles to ease your getting about. It is such a nice touch. But not to worry, if you’re a more ‘relaxed’ vacationer, you can use one of the golf carts to zip your way around the hotel.

Jet over to the Jetty

Guests can enjoy a relaxing drink or arrange for a private dining at the Jetty Lounge Bar, which has amazing sunset views. Lazing about in the orange ambience as the sun sets has to be the cherry on top of this truly superb experience.

Client Reviews

  • A memorable one!!

    Nice people with smile always on their lips, always ready to assist and lovely room specially the Prestige with direct access to the beach and your private pool. Everything is there for you to relax. I enjoyed every moment of my stay there!!

  • Pure Bliss!!!

    Traveled with family and friends for a 3-day birthday getaway in February 2018. We wished the holiday would never end. From the excellent and courteous 5-star service to the well appointed amenities, the Residence is definitely paradise worth visiting.

  • “The Residence” at Zanzíbar

    Amazing resort, Villas and service top, food with quality and variety. Private White beaches in a lot of Villas.
    Prices very interesting in compare with similar resorts in Seychelles or Maldives.
    Congrats to all staff of the Residence!


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