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Zambia in Style is a specialist tour operator based in Lilongwe just a short drive from South Luangwa National Park, offering adventures around Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and further afield.

Founded by our prime explorer Mike Varndell, the company has grown and expanded into a thriving representative of the tourism community and boasts a team of varied and committed staff who love to travel and strive to find the very best deals and offer the very best lodges.

The team aim to provide their extensive local knowledge with personalized service to give you trips that are intricately tailored to your needs.

Let us create a holiday of a lifetime. 

Zambia attracts people from all over the world usually through the majestic Victoria Falls, but with game-rich national parks, a variety of activities and excellent value lodges, there is more to this country than just a waterfall!

From the relatively unknown parks such as Liuwa Plain, which hosts the second-largest wildebeest migration, to Kafue National Park, which is the same size as Wales or New Hampshire state. Lower Zambezi National Park next to Mana Pools National Park is a must-see, with some great water-based activities, and the unusual North Luangwa National Park, one of the few parks with rhinos and walking-based activities. There really is so much to offer at some incredible prices.

With its close proximity to Malawi, we often use combinations of safaris in Zambia and some relaxation at Lake Malawi – check out our MALAWIAN STYLE website for more.

Any questions just give us a call or drop us an email. We look forward to welcoming you to the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ soon!

why travel with us

The company started out in Malawi offering tailor made trips around the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ but with a zest for adventure, we crossed the border into Zambia a few years ago. Blown away by the wealth of wildlife, we knew this would make the perfect combination with the adventures and stunning beaches in Malawi. Just a few hours’ drive from Lilongwe, South Luangwa is a great starting point if you’re visiting both countries. Once we started here, we knew we needed to explore the rest of the country, and spent the next few months getting to know our neighbor. We don’t own any of the lodges within Zambia so we feel confident we can give an unbiased opinion and perfect itinerary for your wishes. With some fantastic deals combining the two countries it’s the perfect pairing.

Our team members are diverse across the board, from the conservation enthusiasts who love nothing more than a bush camp, tracking animals through the bush, rifling through dung to find clues and washing off in bush showers, to those that need their creature comforts, a spa and an air-con!

From off the beaten track, to helicoptering into camp we have you covered! We like to give you fast accurate information and the best possible prices. With team members across the globe, we should be able to respond at any given time.

Highly knowledgeable Guides

You may not meet our guides if you are flying through Zambia but you may meet them if you combine with Malawi. Our friendly and entertaining guides are the companion you didn’t think you needed. With fast facts on the country, history, culture and landscapes they will guide your through your adventure with ease. Helping you with everything from learning some Chichewa phrases, to sourcing you a lost toothbrush. Sadly you can’t take them home with you!

Specialised vehicles

Not only do we have a fleet of our own vehicles of 4x4s and minibuses for larger groups, we can also arrange for anything you need. From private jets to speed boat transfers, helicopters, kayaks or a hot air balloon just let us know what you need.

MEET OUR TEAM – On our Malawian Style website.

sustainable tourism

Zambia in Style is an ethical company, we want to offer adventures that will let you walk away with the trip of a lifetime but also look after those on the ground that make it so special, from the land, to the animals and the people. We pick our resources and lodges carefully making sure they look after their surrounding community and are committed to minimising their ecological impact such as serving home-grown produce, powering their lodges with solar energy and various conservation initiatives. Feel free to ask us or the lodge for more on their chosen quests and how you can help, or have a look to see what your money goes towards.  

Choosing Zambia in Style is choosing an ethical company.

‘Take memories, leave only footprints’

At Zambia in Style we care about sustainability issues and want to guarantee the long term care and protection of the areas we showcase and the inhabitants in them. By going to a lodge that employs locally you not only provide jobs for the residents around, but often the lodge contributes significantly to local schools, community centres, medical centres and educating the local communities about how protecting their land and wildlife benefits them, so likelihood of local poaching is minimised.

Most of our staff are from Malawi or grew up there so we are very passionate about giving back.

On our trips and tours we encourage our guests to engage with the locals, respect cultural differences and learn about Zambian heritage and way of life. How to respect the wild animals they encounter on safari and definitely to avoid animal interactions such as elephant rides. The best way to see the wildlife is in the wild and you never know what interesting natural behaviors you may encounter! The only shooting you will be doing is from a camera (bring a zoom lens!) and the pictures and memories should be all you take with you! That being said, souvenirs can be brilliant. Look for a local tradesman, support him by buying his hand crafted gifts or visit some of the great local shops we have, such as Mulberry Mongoose who make beautiful jewelry from recovered snare wire, giving a percentage back to the counter-poaching units; Tribal Textiles who only employ locals and produce glorious homewares and beautiful fabrics; or Project Luangwa who conduct many ongoing charitable projects, such as ensuring the local girls have access to a proper education and sanitation.

We also support ‘Pack for a Purpose’, a great initiative which encourages explorers to bring with them vitally needed equipment to places that need it most! Not sure what to bring? Don’t worry! Visit their website, click on ‘select a destination‘ and you will be presented with a long list of lodges who have ongoing projects and see where you can help. Easy.

When travelling to Malawi you have up to 46kg on the international flight, so make use of that ‘empty space’ and bring along supplies (don’t worry if your internal flights have strict weight restrictions, you can always leave it with your Malawian Style guide and we will make sure it gets where it needs to go)! Eco travelling at its best! If your lodge isn’t on the list let us know and we can make some great suggestions.

We have decided that the time for action is NOW! We support many lodges who have their own initiatives but we have decided to invest in our own project. We have teamed up with the Lion Recovery Fund a privately funded conservation project who help monitor, protect and increase lion populations across Africa. Their aim is to re-stock what we have lost in the last 25 years in a short space of time. Founded in 2017 they have raised a whopping $5 million and funded over 55 projects, and their mane (get it?) ambassador and funder is none other than a Leo himself, Leonardo Di Caprio!

They have been key to the increasing lion populations in Kafue and re-stocking Liwonde, two of our favourite national parks. We have pledged to join them in the fight to protect one of Africa’s most iconic species! To find out more about the project or see how you can help us raise funds feel free to drop Chloe (our own Leo) an email at

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