Luambe is the only permanent camp in Luambe National Park, located between South and North Luangwa. Staying here is like having your own private concession of the larger parks nearby. You can adventure throughout the unspoilt paradise looking for the animals that are slowly getting used to human presence. The tents and guiding here are fantastic and great for those that have seen the big 5 and are looking for a little more. Not to mention they have a healthy serval population.

Why we love Luambe!

I loved the private concession feel that Luambe offers, there is only one camp, so it feels ultra-remote. The diversity in wildlife was obvious, bush babies, antelope, wildebeest, ellies, thousands of hippos, great birdlife, hyena, lion, wild dog, buffalo and much more. Luambe Camp is basic but comfortable and well managed. Ernest is a great guide and it was a pleasure to have Mario join us for a few days and explain the history.

Last visited by Mike Varndell, Manging Founder – July 2019

We were the only ones in the park, the sightings were unique and interesting, the guiding was fantastic and the rooms are pure bliss!

Chloe McCormack, Sales & Marketing – October 2018

Fast Facts


Luambe National Park (between North & South Luangwa)


4 spacious en-suite safari tents

Great for

Remote luxury and those who want an off the beaten track experience

Children welcome

Yes. Minimum age 12


June – Oct

Ideal length of stay

3 nights





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Lodge Key Features


As always, the guides make the trip and when we visited Luambe we were delighted to see some of our industry friends now working at Luambe! Having been really impressed when we met them before we were blown away by their guiding at Luambe. As sightings are harder to come by, a guide must be enthusing, know his small stuff and be able to recount stories to entertain guests. Which the guides here are fantastic at.

Unique sightings

As there is only one relatively new camp here (although soon to be joined by a sister camp), sightings need to be worked for and often the animals are skittish. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t exciting! Ever been given a quick head shake or a trumpet from an elephant? Watched puku pronking? Or seen a leopard snarl? Subsequently when you do see something they make far better models than the lazy sleeping lions you find further south!


I know what you are thinking ‘all safari tents are the same’ and for 99% of the time I agree! All too often, we hear the word unique, when it’s not! However, at Luambe the tents are about double the size of the normal ones (no drama the normal ones are huge) but the bed is also huge (it has room for four 6ft+ people), the towels are huge and fluffy (ladies, you get a few so no need to bring a hand towel for your hair) and the shower has excellent pressure.

There are plenty of areas to hang or store clothes and there are multi-point plugs for all charging needs. The tents were clearly designed by someone who has lived in safari tents before! It just works and feels remarkably luxurious for its price point!

Client Reviews

  • An excellent, remote bush camp

    We would not hesitate to recommend Luambe Camp. We tailored a package offered on Flatdogs Camp website and combined a stay at Flatdogs by South Luangwa Park with a stay at Luambe Camp. Although run completely independently of one another, clearly the two camps have a close relationship and both have a passion for eco-tourism, conservation and support for the local community and we think they complement each other extremely well. This holiday was our first safari experience and for us, 4 nights at Flatdogs followed by 4 nights at Luambe Camp and a final stopover back at Flatdogs worked really well.

  • The ultimate personal Safari experience

    An exceptional and intimate Safari experience. A small Camp by the Luangwa River in Luambe National Park. Four very well appointed Safari tents overlook the considerable local Hippo population enable a very personal exposure to the adjacent wildlife along with morning and evening drives led by friendly and highly knowledgeable guides. Staff are exceptionally well trained and most attentive whilst food is beautifully prepared and delicious. Small and numerous attentions to detail make this a very special Camp which will doubtless become popular in future.

    David G
  • Safari lovers should come here…

    This park was off the tracks beaten by tourists for years, and as a result of that it became an area of heavy poaching. These people are now working very hard to reverse that and everything is recovering spectacularly. Coming here you help them in this journey, and in return you get a unique experience in an almost untouched area away from the crowds. The Luambe Camp is, at the moment, literally the only option to stay in the park, so you have the wildlife all to yourself. The camp is built on the riverbank, and a large population of hippos is literally in front of it. Overnight we had one hippo roaming around our tent, and in the morning we were woken up by their amazing array of sounds.

  • Expectations Redefined

    You’ve no doubt read that Luambe Camp, as well as the national park itself, provides a strikingly distinct African wilderness experience. I can truly say that the 4-night stay at the camp completely redefined what I expect when traveling through this part of the world.
    The camp provides remarkable feelings of solitude, adventure, and familiarity. Mario, (the camp manager), Lameck and Ernest (the guides), and the rest of the team set up a space where you feel like quite a bit more than a guest; they allow you to take ownership of your physical and mental experiences. It’s a difficult concept to describe in writing, and one that is extremely rare anywhere in the world.


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